Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my order complete?
sent in less than 24 hours
I have changed my avatar name. Can you change it for me in the layout?
Yes, I can. cost $3 Paypal or 10K You must send message me your webs/webstarts/filedrive account's information [ID and password]
The webs/webstarts/filedrive ID and password do not match. What should I do?
Please avoid copy/pasting the password and make sure you type it exactly the way it is in the Layout Information.
Where exactly do I get my layout?
I'm will sent a message with guides
My homepage isn't aligned, everything looks out of place. What do I do?
Your codes need to be put in your Video panel and make sure you don't have any extra codes there that might be interfering with the layout.

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